Our Commitment to Diversity

As we work together each day as a team serving our clients, we at Johnson+Sterling support one another with personal respect and dignity. We encourage one another to be “comfortable with ourselves” in all that we do each day, and we encourage one another to strive to be the best we can be.

We are committed to nourishing a culture of inclusion, both in the workplace and in our respective communities, and we include ongoing instruction in Diversity & Inclusion as a basic part of our firm’s management and staff training protocol. As we state in our Core Values, “We are real people like you - with families, careers, and communities.” Of course, each of us at Johnson+Sterling is different in certain ways; yet we are committed to understanding one another and learning how to celebrate our differences-whether it is race/ethnicity, gender, professional or personal points of view, lifestyles, professional aspirations, religion, insights, and the like. We encourage one another to learn, grow, and achieve personal goals and personal success. As we grow, we want to attract the best people to our team, regardless of their age, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Our goal is to maintain a positive work environment that is inclusive, respectful, and fair to all who are part of it, and where each team member is accepted as the person they are, a fellow human being who can count on the support of the other members of our team. We believe in this and embrace it in all we do; it benefits each of us at Johnson+Sterling and it benefits the people we serve.