Independent Client Advocacy

A fresh approach to individual asset management.

Today, individual investors have access to an array of investment choices that were unimaginable even twenty years ago. While big investment houses are selling one-stop approaches, web-sites are allowing the investor to "do it yourself."

At Johnson+Sterling, we remain committed to doing just what we have been doing for over thirty years: providing independent client advocacy to clients seeking worry-free financial lives. As an independent, fee-based, employee-owned investment advisor and financial consultancy, we succeed when you succeed. We give you freedom from financial worry by providing a disciplined investment process, a wide array of leading-edge products and services, and independent advice to help you choose the best financial strategies for you.

Johnson+Sterling's investment process follows five basic steps, each of which is critical to building a diversified portfolio to meet your long-term goals:

  • Accurately assess your financial profile and help you develop appropriate objectives
  • Develop a financial/investment strategy tailored to your unique needs
  • Implement the strategy
  • Monitor the strategy, via regular reviews
  • Provide ongoing personal attention to you and your financial objectives